We are a non-profit organisation focused on improving living standards of future generations through education of girls and women and providing health services to those living in remote and disadvantaged communities.

Phone: (+61) 0400 224 429

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By making a tax deductible donation you support long term change through providing education, skills and vocational training, health, clean water, employment, aid relief and community support in much needed communities.

$15 - provides one basic needs kit for a student at Grandma Jenny’s Training Centre. This includes educational and health related products such as books, pens, measuring tape, sanitary items, tooth brush and toothpaste.

$20 - is enough to buy 400g of baby formula, which is the most needed item to support the survival of orphaned babies at New Hope Children's Centre. The clinic goes through more than 40kg of baby formula a year.

$30 – provides one roll of material to be used by the Grandma Jenny’s Training Centre class during sewing lessons for one month or could buy a clean set of hospital bed sheets for Rhonda's Maternity Clinic.

$50 – covers the cost of one child attending Karunga's Emanuel Kindergarten for an entire year.

$100 – provides one sewing machine for Grandma Jenny’s Training Centre or one birthing delivery kit for Rhonda's Maternity Clinic.


$250 – provides the salary for one teacher at Grandma Jenny’s Training Centre for one month.

$500 – covers the cost for a hospital bed at Rhonda's Maternity Clinic.

$1,500 – affords one Caesarian section set to help deliver babies at Rhonda's Maternity Clinic.

$10,000 – could provide Rhonda's Maternity Clinic with a much needed ECG machine to monitor the heart rate and health of mother and baby.

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Here are some ways you can donate:

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It's easy to donate offline too.

Call: (61) 400 224 429


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

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