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Gennarosity Abroad was founded in 2010 by Genevieve Onuchukwu (née Radnan) after she completed a volunteer placement in Kenya after completing High School. ​Registered as an Australian Charity from 2013, Gennarosity Abroad has encouraged community participation in the development of its projects and has ensured there is local support for all of its activities.​


Gennarosity Abroad has created ongoing employment opportunities for local people in a number of ways from building the facilities through to being teachers or managers at Grandma Jenny’s Training Centre. 



Fundraising commenced for the much needed renovation of Karunga’s Emanuel Kindergarten 


Karunga’s Emanuel Kindergarten reopened with new facilities

Designs were created and fundraising commenced for Grandma Jenny’s Training Centre

Community consultation was conducted to ensure the grassroots project met the needs of the local families with full support of the people of Karunga



Grandma Jenny’s Training Centre was constructed​


The first intake of women and girls commenced their studies at Grandma Jenny’s Training Centre 



A review of the first year of operation saw changes to the program implemented

Ongoing fundraising supported the provision of education to women and girls attending Grandma Jenny’s Training Centre

Growth in community development noted as a number of graduates opened their own businesses in the area, creating economic stability


Grandma Jenny's Training Centre continues to grow and development to adapt to the ever-changing environment in Kenya.

In 2018 Grandma Jenny's will be offering mentorship programs to students to help develop their work experience and improve their employability post-graduation.

Grandma Jenny's is exploring offering classes to males in the area to help extend the benefit of education and vocational training community-wide.


In 2019, Gennarosity Abroad began classes at Grandma Jenny's Training Centre to help empower men in the Karunga community.

Collaborations continued with New Hope Children's Centre, which began an abandoned babies intake program.

As well as beginning a partnership with Rhonda Maternity Clinic to help reduce rates of mother and infant mortality.

2022 - Present

In 2022, Gennarosity Abroad closed the doors to Grandma Jenny's, deciding to instead focus efforts on supporting local initiatives New Hope Children's Centre, Rhonda Maternity Clinic and Karunga's Emanuel Kindergarten.

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