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Karunga's Emanuel Kindergarten

Genevieve’s original volunteering experience with Madventurer, at the age of 18, took her to the village of Karunga where she worked not only with teaching primary school age children but also with building classrooms. 

The kindergarten building at that time was constructed entirely of cardboard and wood, which was the original construction at the time the school was established thirty years ago. Many of the desks and chairs were falling apart and the timber roof was at risk of collapse. 

Genevieve decided upon returning to Australia to raise money to rebuild the kindergarten to provide the young children with a healthier and safer learning environment. What had been a dirt floor was replaced with concrete and cardboard walls were replaced with iron sheeting. 

Genevieve was able to complete her initial project within three months, from fundraising to construction of the classroom. 

Each year since, basic educational materials are provided to the students, such as books, pencils and readers ensuring that each year new children are provided the opportunity to begin their educational journey.

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