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Making a meaningful difference

By making a tax-deductible donation you support long term change through providing education, skills and vocational training, health, clean water, employment, aid relief and community support in much needed communities.


$25 - is enough to buy one 400g tin of baby formula, which is the most needed item to support the survival of orphaned babies at New Hope Children's Centre. One baby requires 7 tins a month.

$50 – covers the cost of one child attending Karunga's Emanuel Kindergarten for a year.

$100 – provides one labour room warmer or birthing delivery kit for Rhonda Maternity Clinic.


$250 – is enough to buy one life-saving oxygen regulator for Rhonda Maternity Clinic.

$500 – covers the cost of one month's supply of maize for New Hope Children's Centre or a hospital bed at Rhonda Maternity Clinic.

$1,500 – affords one C-section kit to support safe deliveries at Rhonda Maternity Clinic.

No matter the size of your donation, every act of giving amplifies our collective impact and brings us closer to a more just and equitable world.

You don't choose the life you live, but you can choose to make a difference.

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:

Call Us

It's easy to donate offline too.

Call: (61) 400 224 429


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Bank Deposit

Name: Gennarosity Abroad Limited

BSB: 062 239

Account Number: 1024 9057

Bank: Commonwealth Bank Australia

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