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raise awareness

One of the easiest, most convenient, and cheapest ways to get involved that has a huge impact is to help raise awareness of issues overseas, and to educate our community on what is happening, and what they can do to help out. Whether this be to just friends and family, or whether it be speaking at a local school or public event, this is one of the key ways to assist any charity and help improve lives overseas. Education is the key to breaking poverty, and it is our key to breaking the cycle.

individual sponsorship

Every donation Gennarosity Abroad receives goes directly to funding and managing the projects of the charity. The work we do as amazing as it is, is not free to run, and any form of sponsorship is vital to the future of the development of the charity and its ventures. Without your help, we cannot do what we do, and the future of our work will diminish. Whether it be $5 or $50, every little bit counts!

collaborative sponsorship

Want to donate, but don’t want to be out of pocket? Why not collaborate and get a group together to sponsor! The more of you there are, the more projects we can run, and the more lives we can change. Contact us and we can work out the best way you can help us!


If you are interested in having a more hands on approach with the charity, you should drop us a line and let us know how you would like to get involved. Volunteering can include anything from running fundraisers, to assisting the management of the charity, and in the near future if enough support is shown, you can even help to volunteer in Africa with the building of future developments. Don’t just see the change, be the change! Contact us if you're interested!

corporate care

Are you or your company looking for a way to make a tangible change in the world? Because our projects are focused on a single community - their impact is magnified. Contact us to see how your company can help a community reach its potential. Send us a message through the contact us section if your interested!

guest speaker

Genevieve Onuchukwu is available as a guest speaker for functions. Genevieve tells an inspiring story of a student who struggled at school but has thrived in a global environment while helping others.


Raising awareness is one of the first steps in education and prevention. You can help to raise the word about what’s really happening in Africa and what Gennarosity Abroad is doing. In schools, businesses, clubs, and even within your own circle of family and friends, talking about what we do, and what you can do to help, is an important part of showing your support.


If you would like to request Genevieve to present at a speaking event, please contact us.

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