Meet The Team

The Team in Australia

The Australian team members are volunteers, donating their time and expertise to Gennarosity Abroad.



Founder and CEO – Genevieve Radnan

Media and Communications Officer – Stephanie Radnan



Chair - Margaret Lowe

Treasurer - Warwick Krigstein

Secretary - David Whitcombe


Genevieve Radnan

Genevieve is the Founder of Gennarosity Abroad. Genevieve has a Bachelor of Nursing and is studying a Bachelor of Arts in International Aid and Development. Genevieve has seven years’ experience in charity work and is committed to making a difference.


Stephanie Radnan

Stephanie works closely with Genevieve to ensure Gennarosity Abroad is meeting its aims. Stephanie has a Bachelor of Media in Communication and Journalism and a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Naturopathy). Stephanie currently works as a Naturopath but brings her media and communications knowledge to helping the Gennarosity Abroad team.


Margaret Lowe

Margaret has worked in the field of Education for nearly 30 years and is a Deputy Principal. She has a Bachelor of Music Education and is currently studying a Masters of TESOL. Margaret brings years of leadership and management experience to the Board of Gennarosity Abroad.

David Whitcombe

David teaches Legal Studies and Geography. He has a Bachelor Dip Ed Masters in International Social Development (UNSW). David’s passion for international development and knowledge of best practice helps to guide the Board of Gennarosity Abroad.

Warwick Krigstein

Warwick brings extensive experience and expertise in the world of business and operations to the Gennarosity Abroad team. He has a Bachelor of Science degree and an MBA in Finance and Marketing and has successfully run businesses in both Australia and Asia over the last 30 years.

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