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New Hope Children's Centre

New Hope Children's Centre is a facility dedicated to rescuing and raising orphaned children and abandoned babies in Uplands, Kenya.


On top of this, the facility acts as a respite centre for community members in need.

Today, over 130 children live in the home from all across the country, and the centre relies solely on the benevolence and generosity of donors for its survival.

Anne Chege

Anne Chege is the mum of New Hope Children's Centre. She started this home 20 years ago and has provided a home and education to over 1,000 children.

Her story began with taking in just one orphan into her personal home and then eventually she took in ten and then over the years it expanded to over 100 and Anne decided she needed a centre to help raise the orphaned children of Kenya. 

Anne quit her job at Barclay's bank and with her husband they began New Hope Children's Centre - Uplands, Kenya. She has selflessly dedicated her entire life to this initiative.

Michael Otieno

Genna first met Michael in 2010 when she was just 19. Michael first got to New Hope as a teenager after tragically losing both of his parents and having no family members capable of looking after him. He grew up with Anne as his foster mum. 

When Genna met Michael he was 20 years old and finishing school (having missed a few years due to being orphaned). Genna, together with the Emanuel School, donated a laptop to Michael to help him through his studies at school and university.


Today he works as a Registered Nurse.

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