An Introduction to Gennarosity Abroad
Gennarosity Abroad

An Introduction to Gennarosity Abroad

Gennarosity Abroad’s Founder, Genevieve has seen firsthand the effect that limited resources and access to education has had on the lives of women and children in Kenya. 


After volunteering at the age of 18 with the international program, Madventurer, Genevieve was inspired to establish Gennarosity Abroad with the belief that she could make big changes to the lives of many through charitable projects.


Initially utilising the UN Millennium Development Goals, which have since been replaced with the UN Sustainable Millennium Goals, Genevieve has ensured that Gennarosity Abroad applies best practice with respect to international sustainability and development. 

Who We Are


We are a non-profit organisation focused on improving living standards of future generations through education of girls and women and providing health services to those living in remote and disadvantaged communities.


Gennarosity Abroad is a registered charity with DGR status, which means any donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible.


Gennarosity Abroad is a secular organisation that supports the needs of disadvantaged people, regardless of age, religion and race.

Gennarosity Abroad prides itself on its excellent financial management skills. Over 90% of funds raised are applied to the development of projects on the ground in Kenya.