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An Introduction to Gennarosity Abroad
Gennarosity Abroad

An Introduction to Gennarosity Abroad

Our  Story

Gennarosity Abroad was founded by Genevieve, who has personally witnessed the impact of limited resources and lack of access to education on women and children in Kenya. At the age of 18, she volunteered with the international program Madventurer and was inspired to establish Gennarosity Abroad with the aim of making significant changes in the lives of those in need.​


With a focus on international sustainability and development, Genevieve initially utilised the UN Millennium Development Goals, which have since been replaced by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to guide Gennarosity Abroad's charitable projects. Our initiatives are designed to create positive change and uplift communities, particularly in remote and disadvantaged areas.​

We are a not-for-profit organisation that's dedicated to improving the living standards of future generations through education, welfare and healthcare initiatives. Our focus is on empowering girls and women, as well as providing vital health services to those living in remote and disadvantaged communities across Kenya.​We're a registered charity with DGR status, which means that any donation of $2.00 or more is tax deductible.


As a secular organisation, we support the needs of disadvantaged individuals, regardless of their age, religion, or race.​


At Gennarosity Abroad, we take pride in our excellent financial management skills. We ensure that over 90% of funds raised are directed towards the development of projects on the ground in Kenya. With our commitment to transparency, you can be confident that your donation will have a significant impact on those who need it most.

Join us in our mission to make a lasting difference in the lives of those who need it most.

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Our History

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