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Rhonda Maternity Clinic

After researching about Kenya's public health systems for the past three years, Gennarosity Abroad has partnered with an existing maternity clinic in Rhonda, in the community outskirts of Nakuru city - Kenya's fourth-largest city. Rhonda is located in a slum area and has high infant and maternal mortality rates.


The maternity clinic is a public health facility run by the Ministry of Health, Nakuru that suffers what a lot of public facilities struggle with, which is a lack of funding and resources. As this facility is in dire need of a lot of essential, lifesaving resources, Gennarosity Abroad will be assisting the Ministry of Health in supporting this clinic by paying for staff training, purchasing medical equipment and helping to acquire any necessities. 

want to help?we need supplies

The Rhonda Maternity Clinic is always in need of supplies to help upskill the staff and looking after the women and babies. Items include, but are not limited to: 

  • Funding to help train and upskill human resources

  • Anaesthia machine - $28,600

  • Baby cribs - $710

  • Caesarian section sets - $1,260

  • Delivery kits - $90

  • ECG machine - $8,600

  • Hospital beds - $500

  • Humidifier bottles - $315

  • Plastic bedside lockers - $360

  • Procedure trays - $60

  • Ultrasound - portable machine - $6,100

  • Ultrasound thermo printer - $1,900

Many people would suggest donating these items from around the world, but buying the items locally means that staff will be able to receive in-country training and maintenance for the items, plus it injects funds into the local economy.

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