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My trip to Kenya '22 - Karunga

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

After visiting Nairobi on my recent trip to Kenya, we travelled to Karunga, where we were welcomed back by Mama Rose who hosted us for lunch with all of Grandma Jenny’s Training Centre staff, Teacher Mary from Karunga’s Emanuel Kindergarten and Zipporah with her children. It was such a wonderful feeling being back in the community that I adore so much. Each staff member and Zipporah received a small food hamper from Gennarosity Abroad which included staples of cooking oil, flour, tea, rice, salt, sugar and biscuits.

Updates on Zipporah

Zipporah is looking so well and healthy. She now works 6 days a week as a cook in a local school. This has been providing her with financial stability and enables her to pay for her children’s school fees. Gladys, her daughter, is now working at a daycare.

People gathered around mobile phone viewing a short film
Showing Zipporah her Gennarosity Abroad video campaign for the first time.
Family photo of Zipporah Wambui and five of her children
Zipporah with five of her eight children. The three eldest sons do not live in Karunga (L to R - Friday, Zipporah, Gladys, Samuel, Genna, Ben and Job)

After our time with so many familiar faces of Karunga, we stopped by Karunga's Emanuel Kindergarten to visit the teachers and kids, and to see how the kindy has been going over the last few years.

In case you missed it, you can read here about the start of my trip in Kenya here, which began in Nairobi.

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